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Reading (Slogans You Don't Understand) is Fundamental

1. I wish I was not born in Hong Kong


Traumatized by beggars’ deformed bodies

At such a young age

You get used to it

There is no fear, only guilt





Opposite from the Wan Chai footbridge

Where the deformed bodies would rest






Party time! Tap-dancing in an empty field

Kicking off my shoes, it’s a disco dance floor

I'm not coming out anytime soon

I watch gay media

I say gay things

I make gay jokes

I wear gay clothes

I adorn myself with gay jewels

I listen to gay music

I make gay references

I like gay people

I love gay people

But I am not gay, I’m not coming out

Don’t ask, don’t tell






2. Retiring in Arizona, Not Hong Kong


It still haunts my dreams

To think that I have lived a life

In the past three years

More surreal than seeing the Burma-Shaves signs

Driving along the Arizona highways:


“Angels who guard you

When you’re driving

Usually retire

At sixty-five”


But just like those signs

It’s not that serious

It’s all just an ad for American shaving cream


Maybe I could retire in Arizona





My grandmother, she strangely loves me

And my long ‘foreign’ locks of hair,

My huge ‘foreign’ Cher tote,

My tight ‘foreign’ Dolly tee


She told me, laughing







3. I Love Sex Right Now


Outside the hotel in the City of Angels

Standing, I’m tired, holding my luggage

Listening to how a white man feels sorry for me

After hearing I come from Hong Kong


Back in bed in the City of Sin

Poppies in my eyes, no chastity cage

Texting white men who want to abuse me

As if their ‘flirting’ is a love song


But hey, I dig that

Sex is all I care about

At least right now









I once wrote about being a wife of a war criminal

Living a nonchalant yet exciting life

Life is nothing but sex and sorrow




4. Losing You by Solange


I stole a rock spray painted fluorescent pink

I think it was from the Grand Canyon

It was a really really wet and cold day

Dressed in what I thought was desert apparel

A thrifted tee with camo shorts




4am, listening to Solange, waiting for my bus ride home

Random woman shows up

In front of me, doing aerobics

On beat with Losing You

Playing in my headphones, electric


原始地張了嘴 雖未知眼前是誰



It was all worth the run from the court


It blows my mind,

How Losing You sounds like 墮落 by 王菲


“Tell me the truth boy, am I losing you for good?

We used to kiss all night, but now there’s just no use

I don’t know why I fight it, clearly we are through

Tell me the truth boy, am I losing you for good”


「左右不了誘惑 你才拒絕寂寞

你沒有錯 因為沒有誰做對過

心安理得 於是你墮落

來啊 來啊 我陪你

來啊 來啊 來啊 繼續 繼續」


Suddenly I remember

‘My Life Is Only Killing Time Between Masterbations’

The title of a 1995 album by Punku Boi



5. S().M(asochist).


Yes I’m a masochist, big time

But I still want to be treasured, not just desired

Yet you are never possessive, never jealous


Played with balloons, confetti, barricades, politics

They all share me, use me, bruise me

Still, that doesn’t make you sick

Woohoo! That’s epic

(Look at me, quick!)


Getting married in the midst of a protest

All dress up, ugly white ball gown


Paired with a gas mask, even

Like when I would get down

On my knees, performative

What vulgarity, what hilarity


Not everyone deserves to be a celebrity



6. Glass-Skin


(I’m writing this to continue something I wrote before:







The final girl in the horror movie, glass shard in hand

To hurt, to kill, to defend

Trembling in fear, yet forcefully taming her hair, frizzled

Drenched in cold sweat, glistening skin

Faint misty breaths of warm air

The tall killer’s eyes glare


Just like sand, her skin heats up profusely

Slowly, the time of having opague skin is gone


Tempting, alluring, obscenely vulnerable

The tall killer approaches, trembling in awe



We are oh so hard to the touch, so hard yet so smooth

Touch us and 臣服於我輩美態之下

A certain wicked kind of charm

A beauty which calls for absolute destruction

Almost as if we’re flaunting how weak we are




7. Everything is Forced



Gave a speedy man pleasure

While he gave me support

In a hassle, I could not hold his hand

Not properly

He told me,

“Squeeze my hand if it hurts,

But you can’t back up.”

My mouth was still stuffed

“You hear me?”

My back was tensed up, almost sore





You try and stuff your cheeks and moan

Try it


But it did not stop

I enjoy forces pleasure, maybe

I gavepermission

I let you invite me in your car

I let you dim the lights in your car

I let you leave me a scar


Running, running, running

To the nearest forest, I smell lemongrass




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