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New World Divided by Two

How do I know where I should go
When where I come from, we only borrow

The languages I speak, I cannot master
All the dance moves on the ballroom, but I only shiver

Never really felt as much as my lack of real feelings
All my feelings are ideas of surroundings
Every time I step out of the apartment,
A new home is formed, a new aura, a gradient

Had to lie about being from Bethnal Green
To gain some love, some affirmation, and two pairs of jeans
Rode a bus back to the mossy riverside
Passing through spray painted suburbans
On top of the Greenwich mount
Someone yelled “Que lindo!”
That’s what people say
About my hometown, Tseung Kwan O
On my way home, I stopped
At the Angel Hospital
Where boys played ball
And I grew tall

The flowers my friend once planted
Were long gone in this rich city
The orchids I planted in revenge
I could not sustain, I was “lazy”

The World divided by two, and by who

She (the phoenix) would be oh so poised, for the boys
But he (the wolf) made me feel dizzy, like a lady
Yes Sammi and her ballads,
They mirror me and my mother being sentimental
I loved the idea of her “Big Revenge”
But the lack of melody, I could not dissociate properly
But there’s something special about Miku,
Being never on the radio
She’s more than an ultimate utahime
She’s a god of borrowing, ever so generous

Could never grasp the soil with my feet
The hellfire scorched, with glee
A sticky membrane on my palm
Separated me from the holy sea

Nothing can be taken away
If I stay and exist in the middle of the
New World divided by two:
Not my hair touching my neck,
Not the shirts I should not own,
Not my shoulder too narrow,
Not the scabs on my feet,
Not my nutrients, both ingested and dispersed
Not the knives, which stayed in the country of guns

Oh I’ll be so shy
When I enter the world

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