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(在花開富貴之前)我永遠都不會放棄 I will never give up (until the flowers prosper)2020

1. 敬地母娘娘(截止第十九日)Offering to Mother Earth (As of Day 19)
Digital print, artificial grass mat, fluorescent card, iron nail, behaviour (ended)
A set of 3

2. 金睛火眼Vision of a Knife named Mother
Digital print, silver photo frame, Fittonia, soil, grass, wall putty

3. 膝下萬芳可憐人 Beneath the Knees of a City of Tearjerkers
Dishcloth, cotton fabric, disposable tablecloth, cotton, kapok fiber from Tseung Kwan O,
packaged soil, soil from Tseung Kwan O, cotton thread

grad work cattle view.heic
grad work cattle view (closeup).heic
full view psed.jpg
o+v psed.jpg
vision psed.jpg
v+k psed.jpg
updated header.png
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