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b. 1998, Hong Kong

Ringo Lo Wing Tao (b. 1998, Hong Kong), obtained his BA in Fine Arts at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2020. His creative practice mostly births from music, stories, unofficial history, and the many subcultures one experiences. Specialising in mixed-media and installation (and sometimes text), Lo purposefully uses unconventional ‘wrong’ means, teasing the ideas of labour and art-making.
Through his works, Lo uses storytelling and makes desperate attempts to analyse and reason with one’s emotional and spiritual experiences with logic, including how such experiences expand to become communal. Recently, he is particularly invested in the ‘double’ nature of the world: nothing is unique, there is no individuality.

He co-founded Ipseng, a local artist collective. He has also published in the local zine ‘MYEW!’, and the arts and literary criticism magazine ‘SAMPLE’.

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